103 PROGRAM for Irregular Schedules

Our 103 Program enables students with sporadic schedules to purchase a Lesson Period to use as their time allows. Just call or email in advance of knowing when a lesson could fit and our office finds an open lesson slot and assigns a teacher. Interchangeably enjoy a live streaming lesson from the school. 


Often there are multiple siblings taking music lessons, causing there to be more than one day and time during the week to schedule attendance. Having five fully equipped lesson studios enables those who would like to have more than one lesson at the same time be accommodated.  Save time by making fewer trips!  


Having regular teachers and substitutes makes it much easier for students to keep their lesson appointments when one of our teachers might need to be out. There's no need to reschedule. Our Musician's Mileposts program enables a seamless hand off continuation of a student's last lesson, from teacher to teacher.