Q: What is a Lesson Period?
    A: Four (4) consecutive weekly lessons scheduled with the school. Lesson fees are charged by four (4) week Lesson Periods; initial Lesson Period fees are prorated according to start date during an already in session Lesson Period. Lesson times are held indefinitely, unless the need arises for a time change, then a new lesson time slot can be assigned.

    Q: What if I have a sporadic schedule?
    A: We can accommodate you!  Double click here to see our 103 program description.  

    Q: Is there a rescheduling policy?
    A: Yes. Just let us know by email or call about changing a scheduled lesson and we'll find a convenient make-up time with the student's regular instructor or one of our other teachers or substitutes. Rescheduled lessons must be taken within two weeks of the original appointment or they are forfeited. 

    Q: When are lesson fees due?
    A: Lesson fees are due before the first lesson of each subsequent lesson period. A reminder email is sent out a week in advance to all students not signed up for automatic recurring billing (ARB), which automatically charges a credit card every 28 days for the upcoming lesson period. There is no additional cost to our students for this service and it can be discontinued instantly. Lesson time slots will held, but made available and could be lost, if lesson fees are not paid prior to the first lesson of each Lesson Period. Rescheduling of lessons is then also temporarily suspended. 

    Q: Can I pay by phone or in the office?
    A: Yes. Just give us a call or stop in and we're always glad to help!

    Q: How are lesson times assigned?
    A: Once a student is scheduled for lessons, we assign and hold their lesson time indefinitely, provided lesson fees are paid prior to the lesson period. Should the need of a time change come up, that's no problem, we can find and assign a new, more convenient time slot.

    Q: Can a student change instruments?
    A: Absolutely! In fact, we're glad to teach our students any of our instruments during scheduled lesson times at no additional charge. However, if more than one lesson time is required, the standard lesson fee applies to additional lessons.

    Q: How do you teach?
    A:  Lessons are tailored to each student's individual pace using our in-house developed lesson plan, which let's our students see their progress with our "Musician's Mileposts" program. Computers, flat screen wall monitors and five fully equipped studios help to make for an enjoyable learning experience. Students and families love our engaging culture.

    Q: What is the Band Program?
    A: As our students become skilled enough to play together with other musicians, we encourage participation in the Band Program. Besides being fun, it's a learning experience in cooperation, focus and dedication. The cost for students to enjoy this added level of training and life experience is very reasonable. We invite non student players already having band level skills to sign up for participation in one of our bands as well. 

    Q: How do Shared Lessons work?
    A:  This program is designed primarily for family and friends who would like to have lessons together at a reduced fee. Typically these lessons are taken by parents and their child, siblings or friends close in age, interest and skill level.

    Q: Will I need an instrument to start?
    A: Our students are welcomed to use our instruments for lessons. We have plenty of various sized acoustic and electric guitars, lots of pianos and keyboards, acoustic and electric drums, PA systems, banjos, violins, ukuleles, mandolins and more. Students should acquire a personal instrument for practicing, but please feel free to use ours during lessons to get started or to make an instrument choice.

    Q: When a child has some developmental concerns, might you try teaching an instrument?
    A: Our teachers are experienced in instructing individuals with atypical learning abilities. They know that playing a musical instrument serves many developmental purposes and are more than happy to try to help enrich a life. Parents are updated regularly.

    Q: What's your registration and cancellation policy?
    A: Students register by filling out a short registration form on this website or at our office. We don't require a registration fee or long term contract; just four (4) weeks paid at a time. If starting in the midst of a lesson period, the initial lesson fee is prorated. A student can cancel by email or phone call, however lessons are sold by the lesson period and there is no refund made for early withdrawals with less than five (5) business days notice.         

    Q: Do you have customer service?
    A: Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is available to answer your questions during school hours or use our page by double clicking here: CONTACT



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