PAYMENT POLICY:  ‘Lesson Periods’ are four (4) consecutive weeks. Fees are collected by Lesson Period. Lesson fees are collected every four (4) weeks, paid in advance of  the first lesson of each Lesson Period. Fees for the initial group of lessons will be prorated based on individual start dates. A Lesson Period schedule for the year is provided at the first lesson. An automated recurring billing program (ARB) is available to ensure timely payment. The payer is responsible for all lessons in the Lesson Period whether attended or not. Barring emergencies, should fees not be paid current prior to the first lesson of each subsequent lesson period, lessons will be suspended for one week, but will be eligible for rescheduling upon receipt of payment. Should payment not be realized by week two, the lesson time will be forfeited; other lesson times may be available. Most major charge cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to "Stone House Jam Academy.” Notification regarding any changes to Payer's address or status are expected when becoming known. In the event that a balance remains due, for any reason, the payer  understands that SHJA may enact credit reporting and collection measures as allowed by Maryland State law.  

RESCHEDULING LESSONS: Because our lesson times are reserved for the scheduled student(s), payers are responsible to pay for all lessons in their assigned time slot each Lesson Period. Rescheduling lessons will be provided as an added value when a student, their teacher or substitute instructor’s availability align inside of two (2) weeks time (one reschedule per period). Rescheduling will be arranged provided that notification is given 24 hours prior to the missed lesson and may be instead taken online, same day, or as a rescheduled lesson, in person or online. For same day call outs, when unable to let us know in advance of a missed lesson, our staff will prepare and email the student a lesson video and any relevant sheet music and/or tabs, which would have been utilized during the missed lesson, via a Google Drive link. Rescheduled lessons must be scheduled and attended within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. Missed reschedules are forfeited. Rescheduling will only be considered if the fee for the then current lesson period has been paid.                                                                                          1.Student must notify our office by call (410-671-4291) or email to info@stonehousejamacademy.com;
2. Depending on time frame, as stated above, request the rescheduled lesson or video and materials needed to complete the missed lesson;
3. Follow the lesson instructions and continue to practice until the next regularly scheduled lesson time!

LESSON TIME SLOTS: Student time slots are weekly and are assigned to a student indefinitely; time schedule changes may be requested by either the student or SHJA. SHJA will occasionally assign students to other teachers without notice as prevailing circumstances may require. When this is done, our student will be taught by another qualified instructor. However, should the student subsequently request a change of teacher, SHJA will do it's best to accommodate; the same lesson time slot and day may not be available; others may be offered. SHJA is not able to hold time slots for unpaid lesson periods.

WITHDRAWALS AND REFUNDS: When a student is enrolled, our program automatically schedules their lessons going forward in order to secure that lesson time slot indefinitely. Termination or temporary cessation of lessons must be given in writing a minimum of five (5) days prior to stopping. Failure to inform SHJA of intent to discontinue or pause lessons causes  lesson slots to be unavailable for new students or to be used for rescheduling other students. The responsible payer on record will be charged the full period lesson fee for the lesson period subsequent to the student's last lesson, should proper notice, as described herein, not have been given.  Refunds are granted for paid unused future lessons with written notice given a minimum five (5) days prior discontinuance. The same policy applies for SHJA workshops and other special classes or seminars.

HOLIDAYS: Stone House Jam academy (SHJA) will be closed: New Years Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving and Christmas. Upon request by the student and as able to do so, rescheduling lessons will be generally available within 2 weeks of these holidays, which includes student ability to schedule and the inclusion of substitute teachers. No refunds will be provided if a make-up is not requested or is missed.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: When weather interferes with providing lessons, SHJA will make closing decisions daily. SHJA will send an email message from info@stonehousejamacademy.com and place a recorded message on 410-671-4291 by 12 p.m. for all lessons, classes or events that day. Please be sure to check for the weather message, as conditions may permit being open in the afternoon and closed in the evening, or vice versa. SHJA will often be open when school districts are closed. All classes cancelled by SHJA due to inclement weather may be rescheduled within two (2) weeks, upon student request. To do so includes a student’s ability to schedule a lesson, the inclusion of substitute teachers and the availability of alternate times. No refunds will be provided when SHJA is closed by weather conditions, if a make-up is not requested or is subsequently missed.

EAR PROTECTION: Students should use earplugs while in band activities, both inside the facility and during off site performances. Ear plugs are personal items and therefore best supplied and maintained by the student.

STUDENT CONDUCT: Students are expected to exhibit responsible behavior while on SHJA premises and when participating in or attending SHJA sponsored functions. Any disruptive behavior or activity resulting in damage to the facility and/or equipment is the financial responsibility of the listed payer. SHJA reserves the right to discontinue instruction to any student who does not adhere to school policies or whose behavior is determined by the faculty/staff to be inappropriate or disruptive. All students and visitors of SHJA are expected to be respectful of the facility, its staff, fellow students and guests.

PHOTO RELEASE / CREATION OF MUSICAL WORK: SHJA and their legal representatives and assigns have the right and permission to publish any photographs, images or video of students, family members and friends of students enrolled at SHJA, taken at its facilities, its off-site functions, or in conjunction with reviews submitted. Student and payer release all claims with respect to copyright ownership and publications including any claim for compensation related to use of such materials or any original music creations. Such renderings may be used in print, electronic or video format, including but not limited to newsletters, brochures, flyers, press releases, advertising, the school’s website, Face Book and promotional materials.

LEAVING CHILD ON PREMISES / PERSONAL INJURY: SHJA shall not be liable for any accident, injury, loss, theft, or damage which may be sustained by a parent, guardian or student on the SHJA premises. SHJA is not responsible for students before or after hours on or off its premises, or due to atypical behavior. SHJA staff will monitor the arrival of each student and log attendance in activities. However, SHJA cannot prevent or monitor when someone leaves the facility and thereby defers to responsible adult caretakers of minor children to set the rules as to whether or not the student (their child or guardian child) is allowed to leave the premises, or exit the facility unattended. SHJA is not liable for any personal injury, or property damage arising as a result of participation in SHJA classes and events on and off facility premises and is not responsible for musical instruments or any personal belongings left on or off site.

SUBSTITUTE INSTRUCTOR: SHJA may provide qualified substitute instructors for any lessons without prior notice to the student. If SHJA is unable to provide an instructor for a scheduled lesson, notice will be given to the student, parent/guardian and/or payer using the email information provided on the student's registration form or by phone. The student will be rescheduled for a lesson within two (2) weeks of the missed lesson. In order to reschedule lessons, other lesson time slots must be available, as we reschedule lessons using open lesson time slots. Missed rescheduled lessons are not credited. These policies may be revised at the sole discretion of SHJA.

* NOTICE: COVID-19 WAIVER - With full awareness and appreciation of the risks involved, I, for myself and on behalf of my family, spouse, estate, heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, and personal representatives, hereby forever release, waive and discharge Stone House Jam Academy LLC, its members, officers, agents, employees, independent contractors, successors, and assigns (collectively the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained related to COVID-19, while participating in any activity while in, on, or around SHJA premises.

Kindly be sure to allow info@stonehousejamacademy.com on your email account.

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